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  1. Kajishura 1 year ago

    You are right. In their rage at being disagreed with, I think they have no other words to use as they can't argue their case. Do you think that is an effect of the cultural indoctrination they have succumbed to?

  2. Felkree
    Felkree 1 year ago

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  3. Yozshurg
    Yozshurg 1 year ago

    I did not know her until half an hour ago, but I must admit she's makin me truly horny! 0 I love to see her getting fucked hard . :)

  4. Sakus
    Sakus 1 year ago

    i.posted this over a year ago before we ever even got began . if you were more literate and less tech summoned youd see there are 210 comments and most already say that. thanks for the contribution. and if you havent fugured it out yet we have nine others and counting for your satisfaction

  5. Gazahn
    Gazahn 1 year ago

    I like your profile why you like porn , I agree , it fun to act it out too .like two guy S and a girl same time hot

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