Homosexuality is a sin


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  1. Fenrigrel
    Fenrigrel 2 years ago

    Hlo lovly sweet booobs

  2. Mazucage
    Mazucage 2 years ago

    this conversation is extremely important to have! I HATED kids, even when I was one - I found them sloppy, loud, and all around gross. I never took babysitting jobs - I opted for landscaping jobs during my summer months. I never "planned" the wedding of my dreams nor picked out future baby names. I'm not saying any of that stuff is wrong, but I felt wrong for so many years because I believed I was different in a bad way. I pleaded with my dr at 23 years old - please tie my tubes - I had a horrific childhood and wouldn't want to screw someone else up. "oh it's only natural for women to want to be mothers!" - this left me feeling even worse, like I wanted the wrong things. all of these things I felt before I even knew how bad the reality was...

  3. Garg 2 years ago

    I observed like 5 times

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