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  1. Dirr 2 years ago

    hi my love!

  2. Gazahn 2 years ago

    He should tell her that he's hurt by her decision and remind her who raised her. Her bio father is nothing but a sperm donor, technically her father, but not her dad. At the very least she should want her stepdad to walk her down the aisle along with her bio father. in any case, he already told her that he'd pay for the wedding and didn't put any conditions on that, so he shouldn't change that now. He has an absolute right to be hurt by her appalling lack of thoughtfulness on this issue ("she'd try to accommodate me elsewhere"...really??) and is most definitely NOT an ahole for the way he feels. Unless she realizes the error of her ways, he should start pulling back a bit and let bio-father handle more of her needs going forward.

  3. Mazunris
    Mazunris 2 years ago

    Thank you so much. We love doing it nasty :p

  4. Dogal 2 years ago

    You are the bomb baby

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