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  1. Dakree
    Dakree 11 months ago

    Lmao Carl,what the difference inbetween Rick Grimes, and Carl Grimes. Rick Grimes has two is hahaha deep throats to suck

  2. Tagor
    Tagor 1 year ago

    Once my training is done, I'll be working the schedule I was actually hired on for. 2pm-12-30am. Once that starts, I'm hoping to start writing some more articles for the channel since I'll actually be able to post them in the morning and not a few hours before everyone goes to sleep. Sorry I've been so absent! I still love you all! <3 haha

  3. Zulkinris
    Zulkinris 11 months ago

    Thank you for your comment, your pussy is also beautiful, it makes my cock horny

  4. Meztiktilar
    Meztiktilar 11 months ago

    10 million what? Views or subs? And choose wisely with the entire fucking admirers thing. It sounds cool but don't go too crazy.

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